Wednesday 9 November 2011

Walmart opens store to feature their online services

Walmart opened two trial outlets on 1st November,  in a San Diego mall and in Los Angeles. is a typical store-front space with big screen TV's on the wall, some computers and tablets on the desks and toys on a shelf. However, the idea isn't to sell the TV's and toys in the store but to help customers to shop online.
By opening up this type of store inside a high end mall, Walmart is aiming at shoppers who may not normally think of going to the discount giant.
Walmart officials said they will showcase key products like toys, home theatre and electronics.  Items ordered online can be delivered back to the store, to a regular Walmart location or shipped to the customer's home.  Any home orders will be reimbursed for shipping with an online gift card.
A scalable model giving them a footprint in locations too small for a regular store…

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