Wednesday 29 February 2012

Money-saving tips from America … road-tested by penny-pinching UK consumers

Ranging from eating beans rather than meat to filling up the car early in the morning when the air is cool, and the gas is dense, the Guardian Team give twenty tips a reality-check by running the numbers and evaluating any real saving…
Impact on the consumer
Whilst not all money-saving tips will yield real savings, in practice the act of re-evaluating all expenditure coupled with comparison-shopping is bound to heighten consumer appreciation of value-for-money and cause them to reduce/postpone their ‘excessive’ purchases.
How the Buyer will react
In the same way, buyers being consumers are likely to apply the same disciplines in the day-job. Whilst it is tempting for suppliers to react via defensive mode, realistically pro-active NAMs can benefit by being able to calculate and demonstrate the financial impact of their support package on the retailer’s P&L.
Calculating the cost and value of their free trade credit can be a useful first step….  

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