Thursday 15 March 2012

Where now for Tesco succession?

Too early to check the hats in the ring, we believe the City will give Clarke a year, following the Brasher development.

Decision time
-  A fast, high-level internal switch would allow Clarke to maintain global momentum. 
-  Going outside for what would need to be a strong, experienced and ‘natural-for-the job’ player would take too long, might simply re-ignite possible internal career-pressures, and could suggest a possible Clarke-replacement option for the City….. 

Marketplace reaction
Meanwhile, competition in the marketplace will be a combination of Tesco defence, with other multiples attempting various degrees of land-grabbing, all now led by very experienced teams focused on optimising this new window at Tesco’s expense.

Supplier action
Suppliers now need to revisit their trade strategies to reflect new competitive appeals in an unprecedented market, and factor in probable moves of the mults. Retailers will not waste time being subtle, so the moves should be pretty obvious.

Then working from 'their' consumer back to the essence of the brand, suppliers should simplify and make the offering very transparent, and echo this in simplified trade strategies, with built-in fair share and compliance conditions, all the way through the supply-chain...

Or sit on the sidelines, have a better view of the race 
and wait for things to settle down...
Either way, it is going to be tough, very tough for all stakeholders…

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