Friday 27 April 2012

A euro parable: the couple with a joint account

Increasing the bank-leverage of a pre-nuptial joint account by adding extra family members and strict rules of compliance can benefit all, at first…... Adding a joint credit-card guaranteed by richer family members can appear to provide a short term solution to personal financial ‘mis-behaviour’ of those family members who in return promise to mend their ways via unsustainable cut-backs…
Attempts to eject problem members can cause the bank to threaten closure of the entire joint-account, resulting in core-members having to re-mortgage to prevent collapse… If you really want to understand how close the euro is to collapse, read this fascinating parable on the FT site
In other words, whether you are buying or selling, you owe yourself a couple of ‘what-ifs’ on the unmentionable, while others hope something will turn up, whilst awaiting an announcement from Brussels…
Meanwhile, have a real-world weekend, from the NamNews Team!

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