Thursday 26 April 2012

Complex mobile-payments tools a big turnoff for mobile-shoppers?

Anyone who has experienced Amazon’s 1-click shopping soon becomes increasingly frustrated at the constant ‘repetition’ of lengthy account creation procedures on less sophisticated sites, akin to standing in a shop queue and not being allowed to go to the cashier without giving up your email address and setting up a password.

Lost opportunities
New research indicates that the total amount of revenue currently being lost by users exiting at the checkout stage as a result of an inefficient purchasing process is £2.4 billion – £470 million, thus removing the ‘impulse’ of buying on impulse…according to a survey carried out on 18,000 mobile shoppers for Mobile Money Network.

Mobile-payment not a discrete channel  
MMN believe that mobile-payment is not a discrete channel and used properly, it is an enabler to improve sales conversion in all channels. Their ‘Simply-tap’ drives improved sales conversion for retailers by putting an instant mobile checkout anywhere a retailer has a communication with a customer.
Time for retailers to source centralised shopper-information to simplify the checkout process, safely? 
Or will major retailers see an opportunity to gain competitive advantage by simplifying (a la Amazon) their own process by converting all 'attempts-to-purchase' including impulse, while others await the adoption of a common, safe and fast buying-process....?  

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