Wednesday 25 April 2012

The future is now, for you and the customer

Today’s Guest KamBlogger, Jeremy Blain, Managing Director of Cegos Asia Pacific, explains how to get started, fast…

Globalisation, mobilisation, consolidation, collaboration, communities, technology, social networks, the Cloud – a lot happening in the world of business today, a lot more jargon to contend with,  and a lot of it enabled by whizzy new technologies and applications.
The new workforce
Just consider….in less than 4 years half of the Global workforce will be made up of Generation Y, and in less than 8 years Gen Z will be in the workplace. They will expect to work, communicate and learn in very different ways. These are the people who are comfortable with technology and its uses. These people may be your customers and colleagues.  It is up to the rest of us to stay in the game and get savvy, quickly.
Entry level jargon
So if you don’t know your Twitter from your Tumblr, your Pinterest from your Storify, your Gowalla from your Foursquare, your Doodle from your GroupMe, your elearning from your immersive simulation and if you are not yet married in Second Life or have some kind of Avatar……you may need to consider it!
Essential catch-up action, fast 
To get you started there are a couple of short white papers* on new technologies to help you learn, and how to get the best out of social networks. There’s always trusty old Google to pop some of these names into. Go on, grab a coffee and explore.
You never know what you might find……or what might find you…
* See Jeremy’s free white papers:
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