Tuesday 28 August 2012

The 'Per 100' comparison - upfront clarity & brand equity?

Now that we have all settled into an acceptance and appreciation of the advantages of decimal measurement (1971, 41 years ! ) and some are no longer stopping at traffic-lights, perhaps it is time for retailers and suppliers to aim for clarification rather than confusion in communicating price and value to shoppers?

Revealing pricing...
Expressing the shelf-price per 100g/100ml along with the SKU price would surely add clarity to the (deliberate?) confusion caused by random use of Kg/g in shelf-label unit pricing, BOGOFs, extra-value packs, and especially the use of shrinking-packs to disguise price-rises….

Converting the savvy consumer
Most of us have acknowledged the emergence of the savvy consumer, a person who is determined never to outsource their purchasing decision-making to marketers and retailers ever again, and yet we continue to serve up pricing indicators that at least cause confusion if not suspicion in shoppers who think for themselves, like never before…
Moreover, these same shoppers, with no credibility-baggage, are now equipped like never before with the means of ‘telling a 100 friends’, in complaining about a product.

Evaluating the real brand
Sure, the ‘per 100’ comparison forces the brand to rely upon Performance, Presentation and Place in a like-with-like Price evaluation with the available competition, causing the shopper-consumer to fall back on the brand equity we have taken so much trouble to build and sustain over the years.

If the brand is that good, it should be able to stand the heat…

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