Wednesday 26 September 2012

Kellogg's new tweet shop - pay with social currency...

                                                                                                pic Retail-focus
According to a report in Retail-focus, Kellogg's have opened a new pop-up 'tweet' shop on Soho's Meard Street in London. The standalone store – thought to be the first to allow customers to pay by Tweet instead of money – marks the company's move into the savoury crisps market and is open until Friday 28 September.

The shop is lined with hundreds of packs of crisps, a 'try before you buy' snacking area, a 'community noticeboard' that captures social media reaction to the unique retail space, and a  packet of new Special K Cracker Crisps can be bought by Tweeting a message about the snack range.

A real fusion of brand, medium and consumer, without retailer intervention..

Another potential use for empty shops in the high street?

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