Thursday 27 September 2012

The top 10 high street stores to haggle in?

Latest research shows that most high street retailers are responsive to haggling, to varying degrees…
In a poll of 2,544 people, Martin Lewis of  found that most high street players will respond to haggling, with the following success-rate for determined shoppers.

The top 10 high street stores to haggle in
Retailer       &    Success rate (of those who tried)
1. Comet              78%            6. Asda             60%
2. B&Q                78%            7. Tesco            58%
3. Currys/PCW    78%              8. Wickes          56%
4. Homebase        69%            9. Sainsbury's 54%
5. John Lewis       63%           10. Debenhams 53%

How this approach can help in negotiating with buyers.
Given that many buyers can sharpen their negotiating skills simply by dealing with more suppliers per day than a NAM can manage in a week, coupled with the fact that role-reversal can add insight re the other party’s position, then taking every opportunity to haggle at store level could be your way of raising your negotiating game to new levels of expertise. (See here and scroll down for Martin’s Top 20 haggling tips)

For a real immersion in your customer’s culture, why not start easy and gradually move down the haggling league table before selecting your customers outlets for your experiments?

Some precautions
Given the prevalence of security cameras, it might be worth donning off-duty clothing and a hint of make-up to avoid your next encounter with your buyer becoming a retaliation session…

Going for broke?
Finally, the retailer most resistant to haggling in the survey was Boots (it figures?) with a success-rate score of 29% - a real opportunity to refine your haggling skills, especially if you handle a different account…

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