Monday 29 October 2012

'Food-to-come' - What if McDonalds offered home delivery?

Despite the arrival of the newly revealed post-recession era, food-to-go services are still suffering real-world issues with traditional sales.

One answer might be the introduction of home delivery by giants like McDonalds  and Burger King
Obviously a trade-off between delivery charge and the health benefit of walking to the nearest outlet, an issue not likely to factor significantly with the target audience…
The real issues might be quality-on-delivery and set-up of a new home-delivery business model

In home delivery trials in the US, Burger King claims to have solved the problem by developing what it calls 'proprietary thermal packaging technology,' which ensures the food won't arrive cold and congealed.

Home delivery already in place
McDonald’s already offers home delivery service to more than 25 countries including India, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Egypt and is trialling via a couple of outlets in New York. Due to people becoming busier and busier and highly competitive companies as Yum Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut), McDonald’s has begun offering a home delivery service. The 24/7 McDelivery service is a fairly new business model and is continuously expanding and has proved to be highly successful.

Given the both companies appear to have solved some of the basic problems, perhaps Home Delivery UK might be worth a what-if by key stake-holders?  

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