Wednesday 7 November 2012

Effective projects – the vital ingredients…

                                                                                                                          pic: Austin Kleon
Effective projects start with an exit strategy, in turn becoming the basis for the project objective, a description of the end result…

Criteria for Practical Objectives: 
Definition of basic purpose, Timed, Measurable, Worthwhile, Achievable, Compatible, Agreed, Communicated clearly, Reviewed regularly...

Example Objective: 
As a result of implementing the plan, the following will have happened:

-  Achieved successful launch of new variant
-  Sales grown by 12%
-  Profits grown by 11%,
-  Increased distribution to 78% by month two of new brand
-  Incremental business of £450,000
-  By month 7 have achieved 70% of full year target

Anything less is simply hope masquerading as achievement….

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