Monday 3 December 2012

Mega-Monday - a vision of the future?

The first Monday in December comes shortly after payday for many consumers and in recent years has consistently been the busiest day for online retailers. Today Visa predicts that online shopping will be up 21 per cent on the equivalent day last year, making it the biggest online shopping day ever in the UK, a sentiment echoed by online retailers throughout the UK.

However, what if every Monday was Mega-Monday, on the way to 24/7?

In other words, why not multiply your online sales today by 365 and consider the resulting vision of the online future....? Moreover, in an essentially zero-sum game this online growth has to be at the expense of traditional retail...

Assume also that as consumers we respond positively to the Amazonian experts as they raise our 'norm-bar' for online access and service level, making non 1-click secondary players seem clunky by comparison...

Accepting the above, what can you do omnichannelwise to realise your fair share of the 24/7 dream?

Alternatively, why not ignore the signs and be surprised by the Mega-nightmare...? 

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