Monday 10 December 2012

Rewards points scheme for smaller shops

Scotland's independent shops are fighting back against the invasion of chain stores and the march of online retailers by launching their own customer loyalty scheme. Over 400 retailers have signed up to Clickypoints, giving them access to mobile marketing and online sales, and will go live early next month with hopes of spreading throughout the UK within two years.

At £1 per point, Clickypoints eliminates the uncertainties associated with traditional schemes, and being redeemable at any member branch allows shoppers to optimise their ‘personal’ value…..

However, in terms of potential spread of usage, the real driver is the fact that offering pound-for-pound points instead of price reductions, not only can the retailer sell at full price and maintain brand equity, they can use what would have been spent on advertising to fund the deals…

Surely a way of combining the interests of shopper and supplier in helping to build a healthy independent sector, everywhere?

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