Tuesday 11 December 2012

Ten of Britain's most unusual shops?

Bored with store visits? Next time you need a break in the market-checking routine why not include an unusual shop in your schedule?

The Observer have identified what could be the 10 most unusual shops in Britain
1. Unicorn Antiques on Dundas Street in Edinburgh
2. Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, Bath
3. Fragile Design, Birmingham
4. Laste, Brighton
5. Nook & Cranny, Liverpool
6. Labour and Wait, London
7. Junk, Manchester
8. Junior Toys, Wells
9. Blaze, Bristol
10. Lupe Pintos, Glasgow
(pics and details in The Observer )

Given the conditions in the high street and the increasing emphasis on productivity, you can be sure that any ‘quirky’ shop still standing must have a unique and profitable appeal. This means that it stands out because of its high degree of match with shopper need, a real standard-setter in terms of assessing how well major mults branches are aligned to your target consumer….

These unusual shops can look messy, disorganised and unprofitable…but in practice they are re-writing the shop-shopper rulebook, in unprecedented times, when everyone is searching for new solutions…

Perhaps these shops have the courage to be different, and have simply found an unusual way forward…..?

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