Thursday 13 December 2012

Tesco and Asda poles apart in Cyber Monday web performance speeds

If speed is key, then Tesco will increase their online lead over Asda at Christmas.

A study by Aberdeen Group published by Internet Retailing into ecommerce site performance found that a one-second performance delay reduces sales conversions by seven per cent, a figure which can represent £2.55 million a year lost for a £100,000 per day site.

The results showed that Tesco came out on top with 100% availability on the day and an average response time of just 1.403 seconds, a far cry from Asda, which had an average response time of 13.634 seconds and an availability rate of only 86.44%. The sluggish Asda rate was more than double the average UK-retail benchmark of 6.369 seconds and far behind the average availability of 98.48%, making Asda the worst performer of all the retailers that were tested.

However, the big issue for me was the fact that with a worse than UK average response time of 6.378 secs, Amazon have most to gain by bringing their response times up to match the simplicity of 1-Click purchasing…

Average response times and availability for the Top Ten UK online sites can be seen here. 

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