Friday 1 February 2013

Cross-selling promotions: beauty and bullets?

A husband and wife team in Kansas have been operating a combination hair salon and sporting goods shop that featured treatments and manicures as well as rifles and revolvers using the promotional slogan "where beauty and bullets collide"

Apart from Tracey’s undoubted reputation in haircare, Jeffrey was able to add authenticity to his category via his felony convictions for arson and possession of firearms… Linked-promotion synergies were optimised by combining the message that it was important for women to feel safe, with marketing material featuring sequin-studded revolvers.

Given that ‘an armed society is a polite society’ the salon was able to offer a peaceful haven of rest, a respite from the challenges of the world outside…

Unfortunately, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Kansas took issue with the fact that Jeffrey was operating without a firearm dealers licence, and are recommending five years in federal prison to enhance his CV.
Hopefully he will be able to surmount the more erratic supply-chain issues operating ‘inside’…

Regrettably, this unexpected development, combined with Tracey’s upcoming 3-year probationary period have resulted in the couple dropping all references to the firearms category from their website:

Have a peaceful weekend, from the NamNews Team!

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