Sunday 3 February 2013

Telling the time – a lesson in bonding…?

With 77 stores in the UK, and stocks thousands of products online at, The Entertainer is one of the most innovative and professional toy retailers I have encountered.
They are currently featuring a Time-telling kit aimed at helping kids learn how to tell the time, as preparation for the day when time becomes money…

If you are one of those parents that feel teaching your child to tell the time is part of the bonding process, the following pointers on the key communication issues may add some insight:

“.,…….Now: there are 24 hours in every day and every one of these hours is represented on the face of the clock…. 

There are three hands: the first hand is the hour hand, the second hand is the minute hand and the third hand is the second hand. 

Now the fat hand is hour hand and it is shorter than the minute hand.
I know that an hour is longer than a minute, but the Hour hand is shorter than the Minute hand because it is!

Now, when the fat hand and the thin hand are pointing at the 1 and the 2 up at the top of the clock- you see the 1 & the 2?-1 and 2 is 12. 
12. Yes it would be 3 if you joined them together…..”  (Dave Allen extract)

This hopefully gives a little flavour of the ‘advantages’ of having English as a first language, and its 'literal meanings' traps for those colleagues and buyers who had to pick it up…

Incidentally, if  the time-teaching task now seems a little more daunting, perhaps a quick trip to The Entertainer for a £7 kit would do you both some good…!

The full 6-minute Dave Allen Time teaching routine is below

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