Monday 11 February 2013

Twenty Retailers that will save the High Street

Unlike brand marketing, where new products enjoy high status, the NAM/KAM system tends not to acknowledge the presence of new retailers until they achieve 5%+ of our business. In fact new, low profile retailers tend to operate under the radar until a chance discovery by our competitors…(think back to early Pound Shops, for starters…)

The 20 fastest growing high-street retailers are niche-carvers, multi-channel strategists, and go-to addresses for affordable goods. All of them have found their own particular edge that enables them to look to 2013 with optimism, despite challenging market conditions.

At the same time, they are diverse. The only thing all of the business on this list have in common is growth. Store numbers range from a single one to hundreds across the country; turnover from just over £200,000 to hundreds of millions. Business growth is very much present across the spectrum, with the right strategy in place.

Real Business and Jordans have identified the 20 UK retailers that are defying the downturn, with super-smart tactics and awesome growth.

Not all will be of direct interest (yet?) but five minutes studying the list of CAGR performances might be worth a ‘mabey’…??  or perhaps a 'what if'? see below

  • Sales greater than £5m in latest year’s accounts
  • Ebitda greater than £50k in latest year’s accounts
  • Latest accounts must be filed in 2011 or 2012
  • Latest year and previous three years financial info to be provided (regardless of year or last filed accounts)
  • UK based company
  • The company needs to have grown turnover over each of the three periods, and most importantly in the final year
  • Company to have been profitable in each of the three periods
Perhaps even worth applying the above criteria to the tail-end of your customer portfolio, or the little player that naively requested a call, just-in-case?

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