Friday 3 May 2013

Virtually 54% of shoppers leave a trolley-load of shopping in the aisle and start again next door…

In the real world, supermarket heads would roll, but in mobile shopping, 54% of consumers leave the mobile site when they run into difficulty and over a quarter (28%) turn to a competitor, causing us to blame the shopper..

In the current flat-line climate, the major mobile achievement of attracting new users, drawing them down each aisle, persuading them to select from appropriate categories, despite a multitude of price-compare opportunities, filling expandable trolleys that are limited only by size of wallet (most times!) with zero-opportunities for pilferage, no distractions in terms of empty/crowded aisles, only to abandon them at the checkout and offer their appetite to a 1-click competitor seems unwise..

A NAM at the sharp-end knows it is insane…

New research shows mobile is becoming the defacto browsing and buying method in the home and on the go. Almost two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users access websites on a daily basis and over a half shop via their mobile device at least once a week.

The survey of 1,000 UK smartphone and tablet owners shows the biggest bugbear for shoppers using mobile sites is speed, cited as a frustration by 49%. However there are many issues impacting the mobile experience unrelated to loading speeds. These include having to navigate both horizontally and vertically to view the page (48%), difficulty logging in (37%), and links that are too small (35%). One in five smartphone and tablet users said they can’t easily complete transactions on a mobile device.

New virtual demands in flatline markets
NAMs who bust a gut linking consumers and brands in the aisle know that today’s mobile-savvy consumer has become less forgiving and expects mobile sites and apps to offer all the functionality they are used to on a desktop. In fact, all stakeholders know that ‘mobile first’ is rapidly becoming the most sensible strategy for any e-commerce business that hopes to learn anything from bricks & mortar realities…. .

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