Monday 17 June 2013

'Try it first' perfume service boosts sales for The Fragrance Shop

The days of unwanted perfume or aftershave presents sitting on the bathroom shelf may be coming to an end after The Fragrance Shop launched a “try it first” service, designed to boost online sales. It provides customers with a free sample of the purchased fragrance, meaning they can test it before opening the full bottle and return the fragrance for a full refund if they do not like it.

The Fragrance Shop credits the scheme with helping them show a 15% increase in sales to £81m in the year to March 31, with a click-and-collect online ordering service accounting for 17% of sales.

Representing what can be the final hurdle for the 'new user' savvy shopper, this initiative gives The Fragrance Shop a clear competitive advantage over traditional, albeit upmarket purveyors of fragrance, by removing the 'risk' element in making a decision to invest in a product where the reassurance or even 'permission' of other stakeholders/partners may be required to endorse or even authorise a purchase.

In other words, trial and discussion in the comfort of the home become an active part of the buying process, especially for online purchases..

A pointer for savvy C&T suppliers who might gain an advantage by supplying a small sample (or two) in each pack.....?  

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