Sunday 14 July 2013

Nestlé Launches ‘ONE SQUARE METRE’ Coffee Shop Concept

Contract caterers, workplaces, universities, cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants are targets of a ‘one square metre coffee shop’ concept called Nescafé Milano Lounge that has just been launched.

It is a touch screen self-serve coffee machine that can deliver up to 400 customised drink varieties, access to nutritional content, aimed at consumer interaction, but outlets can optimise sales through personalised onscreen promotions and videos tailored to their specific business requirements. Its wireless facility also allows access to sales data and management of stock control.

A potential driver of food service performance
Apart from building and optimising traffic its square metre footprint should be an encouragement for food service establishments to focus upon a key retail metric, sales and profit per sq. m. {In fact, if food service suppliers encouraged their customers to adopt 'supermarket' metrics, it would help all stakeholders to assess value of goods, services and assets more effectively. Other potential supermarket metrics here}.

In other words, units located in the UK achieving annual sales of £10.8k and net profits of £646 (£1,000/sq. ft. and net profits of £60/sq. ft.) will outperform Tesco…… 

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