Friday 23 August 2013

OFT: Furniture stores used fake prices - the anti-marketing strategy?

As any supplier knows, the combination of efforts required to grab a consumers attention, in the most overloaded media environment ever, attempting to communicate with the most savvy consumer-shoppers on the planet, served by 24/7 access to price-comparison facilities, as short of time as they are of money, getting awareness of the fact that their needs for a solution - not a product - could be met by your offering, attracting them to the right store in terms of range and offering that is a better combination of Product, Price, Presentation, and Place than is available via comparable competition, persuading them that fulfilment will meet expectations, and getting the money represents a monumental achievement!

To then fritter away the achievement via a cheap intelligence-insulting price deception, is incomprehensible....

This has to mean that these retailers are bypassing the savvy consumer-shopper pool and are in fact aiming at the remainder, those folks that know no better, probably have less discretionary spending power, but do have the means and ability to complain to their friends, and even to the OFT...

At least it makes the rest of us look good.....!

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