Wednesday 28 August 2013

Pop-up Britain - Piccadilly flagship for pop-up shops

Popup Britain, the retail arm of national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain, has opened a flagship store in Piccadilly to offer 30 retail start-ups a week-long opportunity to sell their products.

At No.231 Piccadilly, 20 paces from Piccadilly Circus, pop-up shops are given an opportunity to check out what difference a prime, albeit temporary location will make for their business idea...
Last week's pics express it well:

                                                                                                     pics: Brian Moore

A variety of retail ideas, but the prize for innovation has to go to the SWIG Hip-flask company, a space near the door, and a bespoke title to mark the occasion at Swigadilly Circus...

Worth a pop-in on your next West End store-check? 

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