Monday 2 December 2013

Amazon 30 mins delivery by DRONE - in Bezos dreams?

Jeff Bezos has announced the online retailer has secretly been testing drones that can delivery packages directly to people's doors.  However, the project is at least five years from reality due to still-to-be-determined FAA regulations.

As you know, an octocopter is a type of rotorcraft - or drone - that is powered by eight rotor helicopter blades. Each of the arms are operated by their own motor. For this reason they are designed and used to lift 'heavy' objects. It is also makes them less likely to breakdown if there is a problem with one of the blades. Amazon say their self-made octocopters will be able to carry packages weighing up to five pounds, which accounts for about 86% of the items the company delivers.

Whilst the drones may be a PR stunt, and selling books online seemed  a 'no-go' a few years ago, Jeff's drone-dreams may become a nightmare for competitors...

...leaving time for a few what-ifs for those that feel they can still stay in the game...?

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