Friday 31 January 2014

Ten fastest growing jobs in US at risk from automation

The Atlantic reports a recent Oxford University study by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne that calculated the odds of "computerization" for the 600+ jobs that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks. They range from 96% automatable (office secretaries) to 0.9% (registered nurses).

Here are the ten fastest-growing jobs and the odds that robots and software will replace them:

1) Personal care aides: 74%
2) Registered nurses: 0.9%
3) Retail salespersons: 92% i.e. shop-workers
4) Combined food prep & serving workers: 92%
5) Home health aides: 39%
6) Physician assistant: 9%
7) Secretaries and admin assistants: 96%
8) Customer service representatives: 55%
9) Janitors and cleaners: 66%
10) Construction workers: 71%

Obvious food for thought, given that NAMs do not feature on the list....

In fact as Derek Thompson points out in The Atlantic article, computers are historically good at executing routines, but they’re bad at finding patterns, communicating with people, and making decisions, which is what managers are paid to do. This is why some people think managers are, for the moment, one of the largest categories immune to the rushing wave of AI.

Time for emphasising your skills at  finding patterns, communicating with people, and making decisions, and above all, avoid allowing the job to become dull, boring and repetitive, just in case...

Hat-tip to Andrew Sullivan

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