Thursday 30 January 2014

Self-checkout rage: Nearly one in five self-checkout shoppers steal goods at the bagging area...

In a survey of 2,664 people by VoucherCodesPro, reported in the Telegraph, one in five admit that self-checkout rage causes them to steal an average of £15 of mainly fruit & veg per month, although toiletries account 26% of items stolen.

The results suggest people steal regularly once they realise they can get away with it – with 57% of the thieves admitting they first took goods because they couldn’t work the machines, and 51% believing they are less likely to be caught.

Given that retailers introduced self-scanning/checkouts to reduce labour costs, it obviously negates the advantage to add a team of one-on-one 'helpers' to the self-checkout area...

One solution might be to try the Costco idea of spot-checks of bags vs. receipts which does not appear to cause offence...? 

Alternatively, why add this new 'route to theft' to 'grape-grazing', aisle-snacking and other methods that regular shoppers use to help retailers maintain high shrinkage levels...?

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