Thursday 27 March 2014

'Ndrangheta mafia' made more last year than McDonald's and Deutsche Bank, combined...

Study finds crime network made €53bn (£44bn) from a combination of drug trafficking (€24.2bn), illegal rubbish disposal (€19.6bn), and other activities.

The report is based on analysis of documents from Italy's interior ministry and police, parliament's anti-mafia commission and the national anti-mafia task force. Its activities are believed to involve a workforce of as many as 60,000 people worldwide, the report said.

Extortion and usury last year brought in a substantial €2.9bn, while embezzlement earned the mafia €2.4bn and gambling €1.3bn. Arms sales, prostitution, counterfeiting goods and people-smuggling were less lucrative, bringing in less than €1bn together.

Organisationally, the 'Ndrangheta mafia' has a tight clan structure which has made it famously difficult to penetrate, or to leave?

In terms of business relationships, their negotiation flexibility appears to be limited to offers that tolerate little scope for refusal, and they appear to have very few issues with compliance...

A potential template for NAMs and KAMs everywhere?

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