Monday 28 April 2014

Facebook targeting of 'lookalike' shoppers – optimising Ansoff online?

News that Facebook is extending its targeting capabilities for advertisers with a lookalike audiences feature that will allow them to reach Facebook users similar to those already shopping on their websites means that suppliers can now tick a major Ansoff box online….

In other words, as per Ansoff, apart from selling more of their current products to current users, and new products to current users, suppliers can now target new users of similar profile with their current products, online.

This can apply to website visitors, users of their mobile apps or those that are connected to their Facebook pages.

For suppliers this can obviously work on three* levels:
- To target potential visitors to their site, based on current traffic
- To target non-users within a retailer’s existing online traffic
- To help retail customers to attract new customers to the site via promotions of supplier’s current products

*At least one additional way to jump the gun on the competition via a real growth opportunity?

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