Wednesday 28 May 2014

Reality Lesson-time in easyFoodstoring?

                                                                                                                                         pic: Gizmodo

In the current climate, extending the ‘easy’ franchise to food retailing seems a no-brainer….

However, given that other easyOffers have focused on eliminating the complexity and reducing the price for the consumer-shopper, it seems odd to concentrate on simplifying the retailing

In other words, given that the target audience is pre-occupied with satisfying basic needs cheaply and quickly, attempting to test their appetites via a mock-up ‘browse-not-buy’ difficultFoodstore seems wasteful…

Instead, in a world of 15%+ High Street vacancy-rates, why not help the idea fly by developing 100 pop-up easyShops, stock them with 100 basic lines at sustainable prices, and within a week, let the consumer determine the inevitable take-off…like in most successful retailing?

The real issue for branded NAMs is the extent to which successful easyOwnlabel will impact branded sales, whereas own label NAMs need to prepare for negotiation with a guy who normally deals in easyCapital-equipment procurement, strictly by numbers…    

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