Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween Pepsi-can dressed up as Coke went viral

Last year a Halloween themed Pepsi ad created by Advertising Agency Buzz in a Box, Brussels posted on Ads of the World's Facebook page went viral reaching over 300,000 people on Facebook alone in just a few hours. It also generated lots of retweets on Twitter and Google+ besides Ads of the World itself

A great illustration of how a gentle poke at a competitor can optimise social media.

However, the alleged response by Coca Cola was swift, equally humourous and must have amplified the initial impact, at least via Linkedin.

But the real genius of each advert lies in the ambiguity of the message, each advert causing readers to ponder on their possible meanings, with their combination adding to the 'confusion', thus stimulating the urge to share...

The result being that the category received much more reader attention, and pass-on value than more conventional adverts for such familiar brands might otherwise have achieved.

Incidentally, even if Coca Cola did not produce the response, perhaps they should have...

A heroically scary weekend, from the NamNews team!

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