Sunday 2 November 2014

Lidl’s giant step for UK discounting?

                                                                                                                              pic: Liverpool Echo

According to the Liverpool Echo, Lidl are to take over Liverpool's historic Lewis's Building, once one of the city’s landmark stores.

But having been empty for several years, it is now in line for a makeover by the chain. The ground floor will be taken up by Lidl, but much of the rest of it is still being developed as part of the Central Village apartments complex.

If Lidl are truly planning a move to large-space retailing, the issue will be whether a full-range offering, complete with overheads, will allow the discounter to operate the same low-cost business model, or will it have to compromise its pricing advantage over major mults?
(or is this the first move in opening a Kaufland Hypermarket in the UK by Lidl's sister company?) 

Watch this space, literally…

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