Friday 7 August 2015

The Savvy NAMs guide to Best-by dates and food safety

A new article by Business Insider makes a point that the "sell by" dates indicate not whether foods are safe to eat - they simply tell you when food will reach its limits for "optimal quality".

They link to a fully searchable site that gives guidance re. the safe-life of most foods, along with advice on prolonging life-time by category

Well worth a check over the weekend…

Meanwhile, it might be worth contemplating on the implications of savvy consumers adopting ways of reducing waste - $165bn/annum - thus effectively reducing consumer demand by even half of that amount, in a flat-line environment…

The way forward for food suppliers?
Why not embrace the inevitable and promote ways of prolonging the life of your brand, and grow credibility and market share at the expense of more defensive competitors, even in flat-line…?

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