Friday 5 February 2016

easyFoodstore, Another easyDisrupter? - Comments on the spot from our North London correspondent

Brian Peataque (above), a senior savvy-shopper from Hove-actually, commented: "Normally, this stretch of the North Circular would put years on anyone, but I am excited at the prospect of getting eight SKUs for £2".

                                                                                                                                       pic: bmoore

Following a degree of shopper-demand the mults need to envy, the store had to close on Wednesday to replenish stocks, and opened again this morning.

                                                                                                                                       pic: bmoore

A single check-out, folks...

The future?
With a basic range of 76 products, approx. 500 sq. ft., and one checkout, if Stelios can make the numbers work on 25p - or even 50p - his latest market-disrupter is infinitely scalable....

This has to cause branded suppliers to seek non-compromising ways into the discounter channel, ideally via branded discounters...

NB. For NAMs not accustomed to using easyTransport, easyFoodstore is part of the easyBus depot on the North Circular, a slipway a few hundred yards north of Hanger Lane junction.

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