Friday 15 April 2016

Demonstrating your impact on Tesco averages

How your brand drives Tesco performance in latest figures

Latest results indicate that:

1. Tesco Group sales £54.4bn vs. Inventories of £2.4bn suggest a stockturn of 22.6 times/annum

Given your twice weekly delivery, and assuming smooth sell-through, has to suggest your SKUs are turning 100 times /annum, thereby driving Tesco stockturn...!

2. Tesco UK sales of £37.2bn vs. UK sales area of 41.5m sq. ft. showing selling intensity of £900/sq. ft./annum 

Calculating your SKU footprint (Average number of facings x number of units of facings backup on shelf x numbers of stores stocking) and then dividing the result into Tesco sales of your SKU per annum, has to show that your SKU is generating sales per sq ft of at least 2x Tesco average...

Just two ways of demonstrating your value in negotiation...

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