Thursday 14 July 2016

Publicis - Walmart's New Primary Agency of Record

According to yesterday's NamNews, Walmart has entered into what is being described as a strategic partnership with Publicis Groupe that will give the retailer “unfettered access” to all of the holding company’s agencies and resources.

In practice this means Publicis becomes Walmart's Primary Agency of Record i.e. an advertising agency authorised by an advertiser to buy advertising space and/or time on its behalf.

More than that, it gives Walmart access to all agency resources, globally, in managing Walmart’s US advertising and in-store creative giving the retailer access to resources outside of marketing, including capabilities to support corporate reputation and technology that builds relationships with customers.

In other words, think state-of-art, uniform, co-ordinated, creative  management of all communication with customers..

Add whatever it takes in terms of deep-cut EDLP to regain and maintain market share, big time, and you have a new dynamic in the market..

Asda has to be part of this…

More here

Time for NAMs to conduct some what-ifs in exploring the impacts on their categories…?  .

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