Wednesday 10 August 2016

How GenZ represent a way back for Bricks&Mortar stores

The digital dependency of Generation Z (GenZ) could present a technological ticking ‘time-bomb’ for brands and retailers, according to new research by Vodat International, reported in NetImperative.

Apart from the potential represented by the 38% GenZ who say they will continue to make most of their purchases in-store, other research findings from the report include:
  • Top motivations for GenZ consumers to shop in-store – validation (68%), immediacy (43%) and social interaction (42%)
  • Top technologies that GenZ say drive them into store now – free WiFi (48%) and self-checkouts (38%)
  • Top tech that would encourage them into store in 2021 – fast-track ‘scan and shop’ apps (18%), augmented reality fitting rooms (18%) and virtual queue ticketing systems (17%)
Lots more detail in the article, but in essence, the research shows a way back for Bricks&Mortar stores, providing they build in the right incentives for GenZ.

Not meeting this need, for a generation that will succeed the millennials, means GenZ’s growing digital reliance could drive a gap between shopper expectations and the reality of what the store can deliver over the next five years.

A pity, for the want of a little digital savvy, to allow GenZ to morph into GenZZZZZzzzzzz, as far as traditional stores are concerned…

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