Tuesday 21 March 2017

Busy NAMs: How to select the right actions when issues are complex and time is short

Nowadays, effective National Account Management means being on top of key trade issues, anticipating their future impact and taking action now in order to optimise the personal benefits.

This is why we try to help you by completing each news update with a call to action.

Essentially, we try to end each news item with a four-step approach:
Where at:
Where headed:
Effect on you:

Specifically, each step aims at covering the following:

Where at: (our NamNews summary of the issue, from the NAM perspective). You need to be able to summarise the issue ‘in a phrase’ in order to focus and communicate...

Where headed: (by the time we tackle the issue, it will have developed and possibly escalated).  In other words, we need to make a judgement re the stage it will have reached in order to pinpoint the effect and action required now.

Effect on you: Pointless raising the alarm, unless you can outline the probable impact on you and the company.

Action: Well based decisive action is required of you (the in-house customer expert) in any issue affecting the supplier-customer interface.

Yesterday’s Daily NamNews bulletin announcement: 

Unilever Reportedly Planning £6bn Food Sell-Off

NAM Implications:
  • Where at: Companies sell divisions in order to focus on more profitable parts of the business. Companies acquire divisions of other companies in order to release synergies by amalgamating operations, rationalising any aspect, in order to cut costs and justify the purchase price.
  • Where headed: Unilever will sell the spreads business, and the acquirer will do what acquirers do…
  • Effect on you: As a competitor, the category will experience a change in competitive landscape as the new owners drive the business harder, without the distraction of other activities.
  • Action: Complete what-ifs on various options and re-evaluate your relative competitive appeal from consumer and retailer POV.
Competitor NAMs have a choice: await completion of the Unilever deal, and allow the dust to settle, or start planning now to optimise the probable new category landscape.  We believe our NAM Implications can provide a little help…

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