Wednesday 15 November 2017

A Food-To-Go Opportunity for Brands?

 Source: IGD, Gavin Rothwell
The 250 delegates at the IGD's recent food-to-go session had a first-hand opportunity to experience some of the creativity driving CAGRs of up to 8.4% in this sector over the next five years.

Whilst healthy eating was a key theme, it emerged that provided suppliers tailored to consumer need, there is an opportunity for appropriate branded suppliers to move beyond the 'butter portion' approach to food service. Instead, food-to go represents a growth opportunity for brands that can re-package to fit within the creative offerings being made by Coffee Specialists, FTG Specialists and other FTG routes to market.

If any of your colleagues need persuading, why not pass them a copy of the above slide (and check with IGD for additional research), and ask them to compare with the uncertainties of your current routes to market.

The Pound shop opportunity took us by surprise until brands realised that brand-packs could be viable in smaller sizes.

A pity to miss a similar opportunity with food-to-go..... 

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