Thursday 22 March 2018

FedEx launches a Returns Technology service for ecommerce

Given the fact that Amazon set a gold standard in making returns as easy as 1-Click ordering and factored in the costs from the beginning, traditional and online retailers that stumbled into online without appreciating the cost implications are now suffering the consequences.

Moreover, Amazon customers have become accustomed to 'ordering three dresses, choosing 'the 'best fit' and returning two, 'as easy as 1-Click ordering'.

In fact, other online retailers now face “Returns Tsunami” As Try-Before-You-Buy Trend Intensifies...(more)

As a result, this week has seen the launch of FedEx Returns Technology. It’s new service billed as a comprehensive solution for returns management which aims to give high-volume merchants and ecommerce retailers the ability to quickly and easily improve their customer experience by helping them take returns (more).

It is now clear that returns have rapidly evolved into a critical factor, second only to cost, in satisfying today’s e-commerce customers.

This FedEx initiative may help....

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