Thursday 18 April 2019

Asda Offers ‘Free Alcohol’ To Welsh Shoppers

A sign in the Asda supermarket in Cwmbran was meant to guide shoppers to ‘alcohol-free’ beer. However, it had been wrongly translated in Welsh to ‘alcohol am ddim’, which means ‘free alcohol’. The correct Welsh translation for alcohol-free is ‘di-alcohol’. [more]
  • Well, so much for my Easter weekend in Cwmbran…
  • BTW, our Gaelic word Crack was changed to Craic in 1990 – a need to differentiate good, clean fun from a dangerous new form of cocaine – and led to this spelling gaining popularity among those in search of compulsive but less addictive recreation…
  • NAM insight: Best stick to plain English for promotional purposes, methinks!

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