Monday 11 November 2019

Use of GMROII to demonstrate your value to Tesco

Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment is probably one of the most valuable, yet underutilised tools in the NAM kit-bag today.

It follows that those that take the (small amount) of time to practice its use, automatically gain a competitive advantage over the competition, invaluable in these unprecedented times.

Essentially, GMROII is valuable because it links your product's Gross Margin for the Retailer, with the retailer’s stockturn of your product, instead of simply focusing on the Gross Margin.

For example, suppose the retailer sells £750k of your product per annum, enjoys a Gross Margin of 35%, and holds an average of 7 days stock of the product.

NamCalc (below) shows that the retailer is making a GMROII of 2,807% on the product. (any queries re the calculation, please let me know on

Suppose the retailer is Tesco

Tesco’s latest Sales are £56.9bn, its internal Gross Margin is approx 21%, and it holds an average of 22 days stock i.e. £2.6bn in stock at any time.

Tesco’s GMROII on its total business is therefore 460%

[£56.9 x 0.21/2.6 x 100 = 460%]

Therefore your product’s GMROII of 2,807% is a significant contributor to Tesco’s business.

See details on the NamCalc screen-pull below. Each of the 33 calculator tools also has editorial detail explaining key uses/interpretations of the tool.

More details here

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