Tuesday 5 November 2019

Radical change of business model: Kellogg’s Launches Brand-based Meal Delivery Service Via Deliveroo

Kellogg’s Kitchen Creations is a delivery-only meal service that has launched in East London offering vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Rather than selling bowls of its Rice Krispies or Cornflakes, the firm has hired chefs to create a menu of meals and snacks incorporating some of Kellogg’s popular cereals and cereal bars. [more]
  • A two way route to Kellogg’s brands:
  • - indirect via the delivered meals
  • - a DIY incentive for recipients…
  • …and not a whiff of cannibalisation.
  • The fundamental issue is a branded food supplier is optimising its brands by incorporating them as ingredients in prepared healthy meals 'hand delivered' to consumers' homes.
  • An entirely new relationship with their consumers that could transform Kellogg's business model and perception of the company and its brands.
  • A incremental no brainer, one to watch...

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