Monday 1 November 2021

Study Shows Supermarket Shoppers Switched Brands During Pandemic

Only 38% of consumers in the UK remained loyal to their usual brands in supermarkets during the pandemic.

The research by artificial intelligence specialist found that consumers who switched were more likely to have traded down on grocery brands during the period than those who traded up from own-label to brands. 20% said they traded down from brands to own-label during the pandemic, compared to just 14% who traded up.

NamNews Implications:
  • Curious that a move to private label is still regarded as a ‘trading down’ move.
  • See Gen 4 of our paper ‘Four Generations of Private Label’
  • That said, ‘Saving money was the main motivation for those switching to own label (55%)’…
  • …and branded suppliers need to factor that in.
  • The key is reassessing relative competitive appeal within your post-Lockdown categories…
  • …whilst ensuring you include private label (all Generations) as ‘available competitors’.

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