Monday 28 February 2022

Tesco’s Price Matching Scheme Now Following Aldi’s Price Rises

Amid soaring food prices, Tesco’s ‘Aldi Price Match’ scheme has gone into reverse.

The scheme had originally been conceived as a way of Tesco improving its competitiveness by cutting prices on everyday products to match Aldi to halt shoppers switching to the discounters.

According to trade publication The Grocer, Tesco is now raising the price of matching lines to keep up with increases at Aldi.

The report noted that Tesco’s determination not to let the pressure off the discounter despite cost inflation, meant Aldi was raising prices on some price-matched lines ahead of an identical increase by the supermarket giant. This has meant that Aldi was briefly more expensive than Tesco on some lines involved in the scheme.

NamNews Implications:
  • All depends on shopper perception.
  • The real bargain-hunters will capitalise on some of the Tesco price-lagging…
  • But in general, most shoppers will simply ‘see’ the Aldi Price Match initiative in action…

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