Sunday 19 June 2022

Superdrug Benefitting From ‘Home Salon’ Trend

Superdrug has revealed that sales of at-home beauty devices and products have rocketed over the last year as consumers continue with habits picked up during the pandemic.

The health & beauty retailer highlighted that it had seen a surge in demand for hair removal devices, including a 103% rise in sales of Superdrug’s Studio Brow Razors (vs 2021), which following the latest dermaplaning ‘peach fuzz’ TikTok craze is now their best-selling items across its own brand make up accessories range.

Sales of the B. Brow Groomer are also up by 163% and Superdrug’s Male Grooming range has seen dramatic increases, with sales of their Men’s Nose Hair Trimmer increasing by 87% in the last year.

Superdrug has also seen an upsurge in the hair category, with at-home salon hair tools up by 38% (vs 2019) and hair rollers up by 81% (vs 2021).

Nailcare is also an area where Superdrug has seen strong growth, with sales up by 77% (vs 2021) as people turn to DIY nails. In particular, artificial nails have seen a 236% increase in sales, and
Superdrug now claims to be the number one supplier in the market.

The retailer noted that many consumers began their at-home beauty journeys throughout the pandemic, with manicures at home, following online hair tutorials, or how-to-wax guides. Superdrug pointed to research showing that 34% of shoppers replaced professional beauty and grooming treatments with DIY alternatives, and more than half of these (21%) intend to continue doing so. With the top two reasons being to save time and money, which comes as no surprise with the recent increased cost of living crisis.

Jamie Archer, Own Brand Director at Superdrug, said: “From looking at recent sales and how we have seen consumer shopping habits change in recent years, the home salon trend is here to stay. It’s been great to see these categories taking off and that the momentum is staying as shoppers look to experiment with beauty and try new treatments and looks.

“With the growth of TikTok our customers are able to trial a range of different trends from their homes, making beauty treatments even more accessible. We predict that we will continue to see growth in areas such as hair removal and DIY nails throughout the summer as the cost of living crisis continues, and we will continue to offer consumers a little bit of everyday luxury at cost-effective prices.”

NamNews Implications:
  • Like ‘working from home’…
  • …a genie has escaped the bottle in the case of home-grooming.
  • And Superdrug are perfectly positioned to optimise the Home Salon trend.
  • Especially as consumers begin to brag about the benefits…
  • …and demonstrate them in their appearance.
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