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Wednesday 1 April 2015

Passing the Tesco Cull-test: Hints from the Dave Lewis Grocer interview

See the full in-depth interview here, a treasure-trove of insight

The cull-test: Opportunities for all suppliers to get it right, irrespective of size…

Criteria for de-listing:
- SKUs with a small amount of customer appeal i.e. not meeting a real need
- SKUs needing too much Tesco effort i.e. vs consumer benefit derived

What Tesco want:
- Unique Propositions i.e. a demonstrable difference, a major hurdle for realists
- Innovations that customers value i.e. a real step forward that makes a demonstrable difference
- A good economic equation i.e. an appropriate mix of back & front margin

In other words, a mix of product, price, presentation and place that satisfies the felt-need of the savvy consumer…
…..and not forgetting the margin…