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Thursday 28 November 2019

Delay of a price increase - Cost & Value?

(Holding back a trade price increase for Asda, the cost and value for supplier and retailer)

You need a price increase to cover rising costs but have agreed with Asda to maintain current prices for 1.5 months following the new price introduction.

What is the cost to you and the value to Asda in terms of incremental sales?


Annual sales to Asda = £660k
Your Gross Margin = 43.6%
Costs rise = 8%

You have agreed an 8% price increase to restore your % Gross Margin

You have negotiated a 1.5 month delay in implementing the price increase for Asda.

What is the cost to you and the value to Asda of the delay?

NamCalc Tool 13 below, demonstrates that an 8% price rise is required to restore your % Gross Margin.

It also shows that the 1.5 month delay costs you £3,720, and you would need incremental sales of £8,525 to recover your lost gross margin.

For Asda, with a pre-tax Net Margin of 2.1%, the £3,720 is equivalent to incremental sales of £177,142, a point worth making in negotiation…?

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Friday 7 March 2014

Safeway-Albertsons merger as a way back to the UK?

Last night’s NamNews of a merger resulting from demand issues in the US economy could impact UK and EU markets...

The merger continues the consolidation that has changed the US landscape for traditional supermarket operators amid greater competition from upscale chains such as Whole Foods Market, warehouse club operators like Costco and retail giant Walmart.

Apart from the classic understatement by Albertsons chief executive Bob Miller to the effect that the ($60bn) size of the new outfit would improve its bargaining position with suppliers, the real issue is how long it takes for Safeway-Albertsons to seek growth abroad, to compensate for flat-line demand at home?

In which case they would join a trend begun by Walmart-Asda, continuing with Walgreens-Boots, followed by McKesson-Celesio, and who knows, CVS-A.S. Watson in a UK-centric move to Europe…?

And given that Safeway have  been here already, might it be worth considering a Safeway-Albertsons-Morrisons move for starters…?