Tuesday 24 March 2009

Retail - All change?

Given the differing levels and types of impact of the credit crunch upon different consumer segments (mortages, pensions, savings, stocks, employment) causing a radical re-balancing of consumer spending-profiles in the past six months, is it not reasonable to anticipate fundamental changes in the financial circumstances of your major customers?
With their different financial profiles in terms of market capitalisation, ROCE, share-price, levels of overdraft and stockholding, credit period, margins, terms and ownership vs leasing of premises, it follows that each customer has been affected in radically different ways by the shortage of money in the economy.

This means that their relative risks and value within your customer portfolio have changed, fundamentally.
Time for a reclassification of each in terms of invest, maintain or divest, followed by a re-audit of your pulling power relative to your competition in the eyes of each customer?
Or perhaps run the risk of waiting until it all settles down?

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