Thursday 16 April 2009

Headlines for the year 2015 (Part 1)

Given all the political and economic uncertainty, we thought it might be useful to attempt to forecast the 2015 headlines to provide a realistic context to help with your trade forecasting:

Headlines 2015
- Green shoots beginning to appear - Brown
- Sir Fred returns to UK as pension provider
- Asda extends blind e-auctions to shoppers for ultimate value
- MPs expenses to be paid in Euros to support £
- Aldi opens 1000th store, 'may be getting some traction' say multiples
- Anonymous apology leaked from Downing Street 'an attempt to smear PM'
- Retailers trial 360 days credit to test supplier financial stability
- New shop opens in Gateshead
- etc
- etc
Why not add your suggestions? (only thing at risk is your possible knighthood)

Conclusion: use this year's forecasts?

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