Monday 18 July 2011

Big Opportunities to Buy-it-small, online?

With Nescafe at £0.12, and Lynx at £0.33, Piccola’ new online site offers just enough on key supermarket brands
New 'Buy it Small' website enables travellers to stock up on just enough portions of supermarket brands…
Bearing in mind that the pound stores had similar low-key beginnings there is an opportunity here for suppliers to anticipate the spread of use from the obvious travel packs..
Launched this month Piccola Online is the UK's very first online store to specialise in individual, miniature, and handy small-sized packs of practically everything from around the supermarket.
Over 6 months in the development the site is now live and boasts an impressive 530 different products across all departments. Sitting alongside the UK's favourite brands are some other unusual foodie products sourced from a range of the UK's finest independent producers.
Visitors to the site can purchase quantities from as little as just one unit of food and drink items, toiletries, fragrance and pharmaceutical products. The collection has been sourced from all over the world and prices start as low as just 2p.
Time to re-think all end-use behaviour in your product portfolio?

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